Choosing Paint Colors

Home Decorating – Choose Your Color

When it comes to home decorating, choosing paint colors can be a painful process! So many choices, so many possibilities… What if you are missing “the one”, your perfect color?

The challenge when choosing paint colors is to find the best interior paint color for more than one purpose! To fit it into the color scheme of the room, eventually of the house, match the light fixture and of course, your personal preferences. Furthermore, everybody that is living in the house should at least like and accept the color, if love is not possible…then get the best paint contractor in College Station to put it on for you.

Last but not least, would be great when choosing paint colors, to get it right the first time, don’t you think?

Your home is your sanctuary, the space supposed to help us relax, recharge and enjoy! Just remember how much time of your life you’re spending inside your home… A splash of color will enhance your mood, lift your spirit and simply, offer you a more vibrant environment. Last but not least, it will increase your home resale value!  Plus, a good painting contractor will help it look great, too.

Choosing the Color- It can be hard

While the result can be delightful, choosing the paint colors is sometimes harder than the painting project itself! After all, the color will set the tone for the entire room. Changing your home’s interior paint colors is proved to be one of the least expensive and most rewarding ways to bring a fresh change. With other words, is worth the hassle?

Some Insider Tips

No worries, with a little help and a few good insider tips, you will be well, headache free and making the best choices possible!  Be sure to choose the best painting contractor in Waco.

Going Shopping

When You Are Going Shopping for Paint:
Make sure that you have with you every sample you can: fabrics, wallpaper, tile, etc…
Measure your room to help you determine the quantity of paint necessary. If it is your first painting project, you can get help in estimating the amount from the professionals at the store
Keep in mind that your paint store offers custom color mixing and matching. Yes, it is possible even to bring a fabric swatch or other reference and have the color matched!
On the other hand, remember that not all color matches will be identical. Alike, very close, almost the same, great? Yes. Identical?  Never! If you have a very good eye and very high standards, better keep this option just for emergencies!
Get a true view of the paint color: check it in many lights. Especially in the room you want to paint. Event in the same room, the same paint might look different on the same walls, depending on the light


Remember that most manufactures do not carry ready mixed colors. This means that the paint cannot be returned after purchased. As mentioned above, as soon as you select your color, make sure that you will have a little bit left after the project is done, for touch-upsWarm or Cool Interior Paint Colors?

Orange, red, and pink are considered “warm” colors, while blues, greens, and violet are “cool.” Based on the color, your room may give you a warm, cozy feeling or a cooler and relaxed one.  It depends on what you want, and what purpose has the room. Location matters also.

Cool colors will help you focus and … cool down, while the warm ones, will relax and uplift you.

Don’t Rush – Patience & Experimenting Will Pay Off!

People are usually afraid to experiment choosing paint colors and often they play safe… Find out what color is your personality! Don’t forget your mood! What you may love today, tomorrow – who knows? Allow some time to pass until you reach your final decision.

Your personal style is very important. Making interior paint color final choices should happen only after you finish the overall room scheme, matching all three: personal preference, style and room. Decide first on the most expensive and harder to match items, such as furniture and carpets first. Paint is available in an infinite array of colors. It is the least expensive and the most versatile.

Choosing paint colors is probably the toughest part of interior painting. This is why better not rush, take your time and apply paint samples. Ideal is to apply on a larger surface (1-2 foot square on the wall) and definitely not only one layer, but at least two or, even better, three.

Choosing Paint Colors for Ceilings:
This should be easy or, at least, easier… Light colors are the best: creating space, opening and brightening the room
If you must go with a darker color, eventually matching the wall, a good way to achieve a nice result is to get the same color, one or two shades lighter
If the ceiling is uneven, you can easily mask this with a textured application and neutral color
A light color will make the ceiling appear bigger – while, of course, a darker one, will have the opposite effectTips:
Choosing paint colors similar to the color of your draperies will draw the eye to the windows. This is a great way to enhance a  view of a garden, for example…
A great way to achieve stunning results without huge investments is the accent wall. A vibrant, bold color for an accent wall will get big change with new, noticeable look
If you are daring, with a modern taste, try lighter walls and darker or bright colors for the moldings, doors and windows. It is important to make sure that you and your family will be comfortable with the result and the new style…
Don’t run and buy a color after you visit your friend and fall in love with his new painted living room! What looks gorgeous in one place may look plain, disappointing or even unpleasant in another. There are so many factors involved in the equation…
If you are planning to do the project yourself, remember that it could take long days and even nights to complete an entire room. Unless you are already skilled and have plenty of time, this will not be a fast project. The best is if you understand all the processes involved, before even going through the adventure of choosing paint colors.

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